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Astellas Pharma Vietnam

On the forefront of healthcare change to turn innovative science into value for patients

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Why Astellas Pharma Vietnam?

The Astellas Group’s business philosophy has three elements — raison d'être, mission and beliefs.

Raison d'être  

Contribute toward improving the health of people around the world through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products

  • To go beyond all others in exploring and tapping the potential of the life sciences.
  • To continue tackling new challenges and creating innovative pharmaceutical products.
  • To deliver quality products along with accurate information and retain solid credibility among customers.
  • To support healthy living for people around the world.
  • To continue shining on the global pharmaceutical field.


Sustainable enhancement of enterprise value

  • Astellas will seek to enhance its enterprise value in a sustainable manner.
  • Astellas will seek to be the company of choice among all its stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders, employees, and the global community.
  • Astellas will strive to gain the trust of all stakeholders and thereby enhance its enterprise value.


Our “beliefs” provide the code of conduct we prize at all times. Astellas will always be a group of people who act upon these beliefs.

  • High Sense of Ethics - We will always manage our business with the highest sense of ethics.
  • Customer FocusWe will always seek to understand customer needs and our focus will always be on achieving customer satisfaction.
  • CreativityWe will not be complacent and will always seek to innovate to create new value.
  • Competitive FocusOur eyes will always be directed to the outside world, and we will continue to create better value faster.

Astellas promises to perform its obligations toward all stakeholders by acting ethically and seeking to actively disclose information.

Mission and Vision

Astellas is committed to turning innovative science into medical solutions that bring value and hope to patients and their families. We’ve maintained a focus on oncology, urology and nephrology, immunology, cardiology, infectious diseases and conditions of the central nervous system. At the same time, we are expanding to new areas such as muscle disease, ophthalmology and next-generation vaccines.

Careers at Astellas Pharma

Astellas employees are crucial to anticipating and responding to the dynamic healthcare environment. Accordingly, we strive to make Astellas a great place to work. We are constantly reviewing our total rewards package to ensure our employees receive valuable and highly competitive benefits and reward opportunities. We recruit, train and retain outstanding talent; foster a diverse and inclusive workplace; and boost employee engagement and satisfaction. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Astellas, our responsibility extends beyond our medical innovations, so we hold ourselves accountable to our community and to those with whom we work and partner. Each day, we strive to build a brighter future for patients, customers, our community and each other by changing tomorrow. 

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